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Australian Citizenship Test Practice Questions, Tips, and Tutorials

Welcome to Australia Citizenship Test, the citizenship practice test site designed to help you pass your official citizenship test. Thousands choose our unique practice test platform to help them pass their exam with ease.

From general citizenship test information to tips and recommendations for passing your test, we are here to help you get ready for this momentous new step in your life. See how we can help you understand all the requirements for passing the Australian Citizenship Test and prepare you for test day.

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How To Pass with Australia Citizenship Test

Our only goal is to ensure you pass your citizenship test. We’ll guide you through all the steps to prepare for the citizen test and ensure you can pass on your first attempt.

Step 1
Download the Citizenship Booklet

The Australian Citizenship Booklet, Our Common Bond, outlines all the topics and information you need to learn for the test. Then, you’ll need to pair this info with actual practice test questions to make sure you know what to expect.

Step 2
Sign Up For Premium Access

Try our free test to see what to expect. You’ll also need to sign up for premium and get access to even better and more resources to study. Then, create a routine to learn and practice, and you’ll be ready to pass the test in no time.

Step 3
Practice Sample Test Questions

Get the confidence and knowledge you need to sit and pass the Australian citizenship test. When you study with our practice test questions, you’ll be more than prepared to pass on your first attempt. So, sign up and get started today.

Getting Ready With the Australian Citizenship Online Practice Test

With these practice tests, you get to drill down into your knowledge of the information from the citizenship booklet. Even if you have only a limited time to prepare, you can get more done with premium access than any free site.

  • Free practice tests can only take you so far. After that, you’ll need resources that are tailored to your needs to study for the test
  • If you study only the traditional way (with just the citizenship booklet), then your probability of passing decreases
  • Don’t waste hours simply reading and trying to memorize
  • Our interactive premium practice tests questions ensure you retain what you study and improve your pass rate

The pass rate for the Aussie citizenship test is below 75%. That means you need to practice as many sample questions as possible before actually sitting the test. We can help.

Understanding the Requirements of the Australian Citizenship Test

The Australian citizenship test is conducted by the Australian government. It is used to determine how much aspiring Aussies know of this new country they want to become citizens of. In preparation for the test, you’ll need to show that you:

  • Have a basic understanding of English (the official language of Australia and the language in which the test is administered)
  • Have a satisfactory knowledge and understanding of Australia and the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship
  • Know what it means to become a citizen of Australia
  • Are ready to commit to and understand Australian values based on our ideals for freedom, equality, and respect

While you need to take the test in English, the booklet is available in 40 languages. Our tests are all in English, so you can study how the test will be administered to you.

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It’s perfect for first-time citizenship applicants, people retaking their citizenship tests, and all who want to make their next citizenship test their best and final one.

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What Makes Australia Citizenship Test Website Perfect for Practice Tests? covers all test topics

We’re an Australian company built to help aspiring Australians to become citizens. We’re an innovative team that has worked hard in developing our test platform to address all aspects of the Our Common Bond booklet. We are your central resource for everything you need to pass your citizenship test on the first try – if you put them to use and study the right way.

We offer free and premium resources

You can try our free practice test at any time that you want. But when you upgrade to premium, you’ll access even more detailed test questions and all our tools to help you prepare to pass your citizenship test.

We help people achieve their dreams

Becoming an Australian citizen starts with passing the Australia citizenship test – once you’re between 16-60. Without overcoming this step, your dream cannot become a reality. So, that’s what we do – help aspiring citizens to this wonderful island take their first step to become a full-fledged Aussie.

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Lots of unique test and study features

We include all the latest information from the citizenship test booklet and website to help you ace your Australian citizenship test. We pull random questions from our vast database for each test or simulation exam. Our simulation test format mimics the real citizenship test for a real-world exam experience. This allows you to feel comfortable going into the exam.

Updated questions for 2024

We keep our test preparation material updated in keeping with the official study resources provided by the Australian government. So, sign up for premium and never worry whether what you’re studying is outdated.

Challenges to keep you engaged

Learn faster and retain more info. Give yourself a challenge and tackle all the questions to truly test your knowledge. Or work through each topic section by section so you can focus on weak areas or certain topics at a time. And then get ready to ace the test with simulation exams that show your true progress.

Why Australian Citizen Applicants Choose Us?

We offer a different kind of study system to help you pass your Australian Citizenship Test.

Simple Information

No complicated tests. Or fancy games that don’t offer much for test preparation. We focus on staying true to the format of the official test and giving you the right resources to make studying for the test as easy as possible.

Free Resources

Free test to see what you’re paying for when you upgrade to premium. Detailed blog posts. Online study resources. We give our users access to additional tools and information to prepare for their Australian citizenship test.

Secure Platform

Our website and premium upgrade system are fully encrypted for your security. Plus, no software to install and nothing to download to access the practice tests. They’re all web-based and easily accessible across most devices.

Premium Study Content

We want to give you the best chance for passing your citizenship test. Unlock our premium content and see how much easier it is to study for the official test, even if you don’t have that much time before your test date.

Who Needs Our Australian Citizenship Test Material?

Do you want to pass the test on your first try?

We’re sure you do. Imagine walking into the test centre and walking out 30 minutes later knowing you passed. It’s proven that taking practice tests makes it much easier to pass an official test. And we’ve done the work to ensure our practice tests are designed to improve learning and retention. Let us show you how to pass the Australian Citizenship Test.

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We offer one of the most affordable and unique study platforms for aspiring Australians to access practice tests in preparation for their citizenship test. No need for expensive sites and long-term requirements.

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Too many practice sites have outdated material. Or they have failed to update with newer additions from the citizenship test book. So, you need to ensure you’re using a site that provides the latest test questions and study material, so you pass your test on the first try.

Some of What You Get With Australia Citizenship Test


Latest practice questions and test material

Studying with us means you get to significantly boost your chances of passing the Australian Citizenship Test. You’ll get access to all the necessary questions and answers needed to learn everything covered in the Our Common Bond citizenship test booklet. This information is formatted into revision questions with detailed explanations of the answers.


Must-use revision questions & answers


Let’s eliminate the worry about what and where to study. You’ll see that our questions are structured to be just like the real test. So, you can feel confident that you won’t be hit with a surprise on test day.


Anywhere accessibility


We are citizenship test practice questions made simple. So, get ready to study on the go with our easily accessible test questions. You get to set your study schedule based on your availability and how much time you need to devote based on when you want to take the test.

Suitable for Any Age

Once you’re between the ages of 16 and 60, you’re required to sit the Australian Citizenship Test as part of the citizenship application process.


As an adult ready to become an Aussie citizen, you want a practice test platform that makes it easy to study anytime. Even if you’re still improving your English language skills, our site helps you learn while studying for the test in the language you'll sit it.


You’re not old enough on your application date or when the Australian government decides your application to qualify for citizenship by conferral. So, you need to study and practice before you feel confident to sit the official test. You’re in the right place.

The faster, smarter way to study for the citizenship test

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Take advantage of Citizenship Test Premium, the ultimate way to study and pass your Aussie citizenship test on your first try. No need to memorize a lengthy test booklet. Or to waste time working through free yet very outdated questions. Or waste money because you failed due to not practicing or using the wrong resources.

Instead, study with us to increase your odds of passing the Australian Citizenship Test. Our unique platform is fully online based. The test questions are written by experts and derived straight from the source material … they are just like the official exam questions.

Our premium tests mean better success rates for all our users. And you’ll be fully ready for test day once you use the platform the right way. The site includes:

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Test Yourself and Your Preparedness with Our Online Citizenship Practice Questions

Timed Quizzes

Test your knowledge of the updated citizenship booklet, Our Common Bond, under pressure. With our timed tests and constant practice, you’ll soon be able to answer each question correctly every time in the new test format.

Random Questions

Instead of working by topic, go through random questions to really test your Australian citizenship knowledge. See how much you’ve retained from studying and what you need to improve on to get ready for test day.

Mock Tests

See what it’s like to take the official citizenship test. Our timed tests are just like the real thing and help to take away your anxiety for test day. This also helps to get rid of any surprises when you sit your test.

Detailed Explanations

Get the why behind every answer so you can understand the material and respond correctly – no matter how the question is phrased. We’ve simplified the citizenship booklet to help you learn the information faster.

Everything You Should Know To Get Ready For Your Citizenship Test

Don’t want to fail your Australian citizenship test? Then you need to get in the practice – starting as early as possible. Getting ready to take the test in a year’s time? Get a full year’s access to study so you can ace it when you do. Need to study for the test in a few weeks? Start now, put in the work, and we guarantee you’ll see the results.

You’ll find these practice tests super helpful, fun to use, and perfect to support you in studying.

However, there is one key thing to remember as you study. With the updated citizenship test booklet, there’s a new testable section covering Australian Values. With this addition, the citizenship test is now a little harder as you must answer all 5 questions on Australian values correctly to pass the test.

Apart from that section, there's a lot of information to learn. So, reading and trying to memorize the answers isn’t the best way to prepare for the test. So, when you get premium access, you improve your chances for the following reasons:

  • Cost-effective premium access to our secure practice platform
  • 1 year access to our premium content to study at your own pace
  • Access to 480+ citizenship test practice questions all developed by our expert writers and based on the updated citizenship study guide – Our Common Bond
  • Unlimited simulation tests and practice test attempts so you can get comfortable with the test format
  • The ultimate Challenge Bank to keep track of your more difficult questions, keeping them noted so you can get back to them

Let Us Help You Pass Your Citizenship Test

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Set yourself up for success with the premium citizenship practice tests. See our 480+ practice questions with detailed explanations, all designed to help you breeze through the citizenship test.

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