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The Australian Citizenship Test: What Every Applicant Should Know

The Australian Citizenship Test: What Every Applicant Should Know

Australia is famous for diverse opportunities and better living standards, motivating many immigrants to migrate here. Getting citizenship here can open a lot of doors for you but not everyone can become its citizen. To get citizenship, you need to be eligible, know about Australia’s culture, history, government and democracy. You also need to know the basics of the English language to take the test. Here we will discuss everything that you should know about the Australian citizenship test, before applying.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to start your application process concerning Australian Citizenship Test, you need to make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria

  • You should be 18 or above
  • You must have lived in Australia for a at least 4 years before you start your application process
  • You are a permanent resident for at least a year before starting your application process
  • You should not have any outstanding legal penalties within Australia or overseas when you start your application.
  • You should maintain a good character and have no criminal record in present or past
  • Candidates below 18 and above 65 are exempted from taking the test
  • Individuals who suffer from health conditions that can cause significant impairment are also exempted from taking the test if they provide their medical documents as proof.

Australian Citizenship Test

It is mandatory for the individuals who are aspiring to become Australian to take Citizenship Test Australia. The test itself covers a wide spectrum of topics within 20 MCQs. To pass the exam, you need to score 75%. It also means that applicants are required to answer 15 out of 20 questions correctly within a 45 minute. If you are lucky enough to pass the exam then you can proceed with your application process.

There are certain rules and regulation that you need to follow during the test

  • Switch off all the electronic device and don’t bring it in exam hall
  • Don’t talk to anyone during the exam
  • Arrive at exam center 30 minutes before and bring your required documents for identification purpose
  • If you need to inquire something related to computer then ask a staff member rather than asking any other candidate

Assisted Tests

Usually no one is allowed to bring anyone that can assist them in the test. However, if you are not fluent in English, you can request for assistance in the application before taking the test. If your request is approved, then you are allowed to take an ‘’assisted test’’ In such cases, you will be given more time i.e. 90 minutes to complete the exam.

Reliable Source of Preparation

One of the most reliable sources for test preparation is the Common Bond guidebook that can help you grasp a lot of essential information related to  Australia's geography, states, and territories. You will also learn about Australia's democratic beliefs, rights, liberties, government and more. The guide book is also available in 40 community languages so that you can understand the underlying concepts.

After the Test

You will get the result within an hour. If you have passed the exam, Congratulations. Now the Department of Home Affairs will mail you a formal notification to attend the ceremony. Department of your local council will send you the invitation to attend the ceremony at your home address.

In case you fail the test, do not lose hope. Many Candidates pass the exam after a second or third attempt. Focus on the area of weakness, study thoroughly and Practice the Citizenship Test. You can also use more external resources to enhance your preparation.

Official Citizenship Ceremony

Receiving an invitation to attend the citizenship ceremony is a huge milestone. It shows your dedication and hard work paid off. Usually the ceremony is held within 6 months after your application has been approved. The invitation notification will let you know about the day, time and venue. It is mandatory for everyone to attend the ceremony. However, if you have a valid and credible reason not to attend then you can skip it.

Once you have made your pledge with everyone, you will get access to your citizenship certificate. It is a legal document that has your name on it. You can use this certificate to apply for the Australian passport or any legal document that your job requires.

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