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Your Complete Guide To Australian Citizenship Test

Your Complete Guide To Australian Citizenship Test

The Australian Citizenship Program started in 1949, and since then millions of people have been able to acquire Australian Citizenship. If you are a permanent resident, you can live in Australia, study or do a job but you can’t have all the freedom, own an Australian Passport or vote in the federal and state elections of Australia. The residents need a valid visa to enter Australian territory. Getting Australian Citizenship is a milestone and gives you all the freedom and rights.

To acquire Australian Citizenship, you need to pass the Australian Citizenship Test. The test is computer-based and is in English Language. However, the information about the test and its eligibility criteria is in many languages that you can find on the immigration website of the government of Australia. You don’t have to pay separately for the test. To apply for Australian Citizenship, you need to pay approx. $ 485, which covers various services including the test.

Understanding the Test Format

The test evaluates your understanding of basic English and how much you know about the meaning of being a citizen of Australia. The test also determines your knowledge of freedom of speech, equality, democracy and respect among others. There are 20 questions in the test. You have to score at least 75% or answer 16 questions accurately to pass the exam. You will have 45 minutes to complete the test. The questions can be as follows:

Why is it important for Australians to vote in the Federal and State elections?

Why should you learn English?

Preparation for the Exam

The official source of preparation is "Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond. It is the booklet of almost 50 pages that you will receive in the email, after applying and paying for the Australian citizenship and the test. The book is also available on the immigration website of the government of Australia and is divided into 4 sections that cover the following

  1. Australia and its people
  2. Australia’s democratic beliefs, rights and liberties
  3. Government and the law in Australia
  4. Australian values

Memorizing and understanding the basic concepts from the book is important to pass the test.


The immigration website of the Government of Australia has a podcast known as Our Common Bond podcast with only 5 episodes. The podcast covers almost all the sections of the official book. Passive learners can benefit from this.

Mock Tests

There are various free and quality mock tests available on the internet that can help you in preparation. It is recommended to give a mock quiz after learning the content from the official sourcebook. These tests are valuable and help you analyze your weak topics so that you can spend more time on them. Mock tests are famous because they contain questions that are similar to the ones you encounter in an actual exam.

Common Sense Questions

A few of the questions that you will experience in the Australian Citizenship Test are common sense questions. For example, you may encounter questions regarding social media and how its abuse impacts our lives. However, you can’t answer them without preparing the whole syllabus. You also need to memorize the important dates, historical figures and important events that happened in the past.

English Language

You should have proficient and fluent English to pass the tests. The questions are objective and you can’t answer them accurately if you have a weak grasp on English. The Australian national language is English, so you can’t be part of this country without knowing its mother tongue. You can join different institutes online to learn English.

What if I Fail the Test

It is okay to fail for the first time. The majority of people have no success in the initial phase. You can retake the test at the same location and time. However, if you take multiple attempts then you need to book for the test again.


Don’t lose hope of acquiring Australian Citizenship. It is a daunting process but every step in the journey in becoming a part of Australia is worth it. The test is challenging but with motivation and thorough preparation, you can ace it with flying colors. There are various institutes, organizations, and resources available in Australia to help you prepare for the Australian citizenship test. Choose the one that fits your schedule.

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