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Is Corporate Migration Australia's Opportunity Magnet?

Is Corporate Migration Australia's Opportunity Magnet?

Australia is the birth land of opportunities and business expansion. Corporate migration has increased every year as more individuals are attracted to migrate here from different parts of the world. Many students dream of settling here by taking admission in the Australian universities and others come here via migration to have a better living standard.

The corporate migration isn’t slowing down and many skilled workers and fresh graduates are looking for a way to call Australia their home. Australia has a relatively competitive income tax regime that suits both individuals and business owners. People with low income are subjected to less income tax and marginal tax. This is another reason that has made many immigrants come to Australia.

Corporate Migration gives a lot of benefits to the Australian government and its private sector but it isn’t easy to get Australian Citizenship. The Australian migration system is complicated and it is also hard to navigate every detail of it, especially for foreigners. Yet, it doesn’t mean that people were not fortunate enough to get citizenship. Millions of immigrants were able to pass the Australian Citizenship Test and became Australian citizens.

Corporate Migration Specialist

If you want to start your business in Australia or want to immigrate there as a fresh graduate, it is recommended to contact a corporate migration specialist. The country has specific work visa requirements and the paperwork involved in this process can be confusing and daunting. Corporate Migration agents can help you with all the paperwork process, settling in Australia and finding a suitable job there. Don’t worry, the job opportunities in Australia are never limited. The country respects skilled workers and corporate businesses are always ready to hire a diverse and skilled workforce.

For businesses, setting up in Australia can be a strategic move for growth and expansion. However, it is essential to understand the tax rules and tax regulations and it can be a lengthy process. Corporate Migration Specialists can help business owners in navigating this whole process. With them, you can experience a smooth transition.

The Importance of Quality Businesses

Corporate migration relies on the presence of quality businesses in Australia. These businesses attract more skilled workers globally and boost the country's economy. Australia has always welcomed businesses and made favourable taxation policies for them. However, to understand the legal requirements, paperwork and tax implications can be tough but don’t worry, corporate migration specialists can help you with this.

Work and Holiday Visa Program

Australia has introduced a work and holiday visa Program for American Citizens, which allows them to explore beautiful landscapes in Australia on their trip and take on casual employment to support their travel expenses. The program was initiated in October 2007 to foster a cultural exchange between these two countries. It has allowed many young enthusiast travellers to experience this beautiful country and engage in temporary work experience.

There is an eligibility criteria for this program

Applicants must be between 18 and 30 years old before applying

  • Applicants should provide proof that they are either enrolled in a post-secondary course, have a post-secondary qualification or have a college degree.
  • The application for this process should be submitted and approved before they come to Australia.
  • Applicants must show proof that they have sufficient funds (AUD 5,000) to purchase a return ticket and cover their expenses during their stay before they apply for a temporary job in Australia.

Application for the Visa

You can apply for the visa online through the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship website. It will cost  AUD 230. The website will take 48 hours to process your application. Applicants should also submit their

  • Passport’s biodata pages
  • Birth certificate
  • Two passport-size photographs

Once your application is submitted, the Australian Immigration Department will ask for further documents including a health certificate, record, financial status and your military record (in case you served in the armed forces).

Validity of the Visa

When your visa has been granted, you can visit Australia within 3 months and live there for almost a year from the date of your entry. You can also move back and forth to your home country in these 12 months. You are also eligible to study in Australia for 4 months. The maximum number of months that you can work for one employer is 6.

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