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How to Ace the Australian Citizenship Test

How to Ace the Australian Citizenship Test

Becoming an Australian citizen is a significant milestone in your journey towards calling the Land Down Under your home. To achieve this, you need to pass the Australian Citizenship Test. You can’t pass the exam without giving any dedicated hours to its preparation. However, do not let it get on your nerves. Many immigrants can pass the exam on their first attempt. Keep in mind, you have various sources for preparation and ample time to polish your skills.

The test isn’t just about who the current prime minister or finance minister is. The test questions are more technical and cover Australia's culture, values, legal bodies, geography, etc. Here we will share some important points that can help you in preparation.

​​Eligibility Criteria

First and foremost you have to see the eligibility criteria because many individuals are not eligible for the test. To take the test

  • You should have no criminal record in the past
  • You should have no legal penalties including overseas before applying
  • You should spend at least 4 years in Australia before applying for the citizenship

Draft a Study Timetable

When the course is lengthy and you have a busy work schedule then drafting a timetable and staying dedicated to it helps alot. Divide the topics into various sections and distribute them in timetable slots. You can also have a revision day at the end of every section that you complete. Keep in mind that a good study plan makes a good routine for studying.

Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP)

If you want to improve your English language skills, then you can join the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP). The minimum duration or requirement for attending an AMEP (Adult Migrant English Program) class is 400 hours. You will also be able to interact with other immigrants during AMEP classes who are also preparing for the citizenship test. Try to indulge in group studies with them. Preparing the course with your study buddy can help you in understanding diverse challenging topics.

Read Our Common Bond Booklet

This guidebook is the primary source for preparation that you can get access to from here. The guide has many chapters that cover every aspect of the syllabus (for the exam). It's important to note that all questions on the test are presented in English.

The guide teaches us about the following

  • Indigenous Australian Culture
  • Australian History
  • States and Territories
  • National Symbols and Important Historical Dates

The book makes sure that you have all the information that is needed to become a responsible Australian Citizen,

Do a Practice Test

Almost every candidate who has passed the exam has taken the Practice Citizenship Test.  Many of these tests offer 30 minutes to complete 20 questions. This allows you to use your standard time more accurately. It also helps you to evaluate, analyze and interpret the answer in less time. Keep in mind that in the actual exam, you will have 45 minutes to complete the test.

These assessments give you insight into the topics that are more challenging for you. You can familiarize yourself with such topics and spend more time on the preparation. The minimum score that you need to pass the exam is 75% or answering 15 questions accurately.

Test Rules

Test rules are there to prevent you from disqualification. You should not bring any electronic device to the examination hall. If you need any assistance with a computer, ask the staff member rather than asking any candidate. If you are caught cheating or talking to another candidate, your citizenship application might get canceled. You have 45 minutes to complete the computer-based test.

Many individuals have special cases and need more time to finish tests. In such cases, it is mandatory to appeal during the application process. If your request for an assisted test is approved and verified by the AMEP provider, you will be given 90 minutes to complete the exam.

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