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How to Pass the Australian Citizenship Test

How to Pass the Australian Citizenship Test

Passing the Australian Citizenship Test is an important and last step to achieve Australian Citizenship. However, not everyone is able to score well in the first attempt. This can lead to disappointment as many candidates study hard for the exam. Keep in mind that more than 50% of candidates have no success on the first try and that’s alright. You just have to find the reason that made the test challenging for you. Many candidates who have passed the exam with flying colors on the second and third attempts have shared some secrets. We will discuss that here in detail.

What Does the Test Mean?

The Australian Citizenship test is an important milestone for candidates. The test is designed to assess your knowledge and understanding related to Australia’s history, politics, and culture. There are various platforms that offer free Practice Citizenship Australia Test. These tests can give you an idea of the questions, structure, and time duration that you will experience in an actual test.

How to Prepare for the Australian Citizenship Test

Preparing for the Australian Citizenship test doesn’t have to be frustrating. You just need reliable resources that you can find on the Department of Home Affairs website. The official platform provides free access to the official book and audio.

Our Common Bond” Booklet covers all the syllabus. This booklet covers essential topics, such as Australian values, history, and governance in easy and simple language. Through this guide, candidates are able to learn about insights and the values that play a huge role in Australian society. If your first language isn’t English, you can also find its translation in your native language. It is important to grasp all the underlying concepts. Keep in mind that you have to take the Australian Citizenship Test in English.

Candidates should also familiarize themselves with the Australian Values Statement. There will be 5 questions related to it in the exam.  Failing to answer any of these 5 questions can result in a test failure.

Australian Citizenship Practice Test

Our Australian Citizenship Practice Test mimics the actual exam with the same format and difficulty level. You can get access to more than 10,000 questions. This mock test can be accessed by candidates at any time. There is also no limitation to the number of attempts that you can take. This is an Australian government-approved practice test.

Our questions have the same underlying concepts that you will encounter in an actual exam. In case, if you select a wrong answer to any MCQ in the mock test, the real-time feedback will give you the correct version with a detailed explanation. You can also access a challenge bank section that has stored the questions that you found to be challenging. Focussing on your weak areas can enhance your preparation.

Our Test is divided into various section that covers the following topics

  • Australia's national symbol, geography, legal bodies and values
  • Australia’s history and culture, historical figures, dates
  • The rights and responsibilities of the people
  • All Australian laws and legal system
  • Australia’s economy
  • Australia's workplace and Australian work rights

Important Tips

Here are the tips that can help you in preparation.

Relaxation Techniques

Many people face anxiety and panic during the test. This can impact their performance. Learn what makes you calm in a challenging situation. You can practice various relaxation techniques or train your brain to stay focused during the exam.

Time Management

Time management is important and mock tests can help you with it. Learn to analyze and interpret the question in the respective time. Keep in mind you have 45 minutes to complete the test.

Focus on the Core Topics

Focusing on core topics is more important than peripheral topics. Moreover, a mock test will let you know the topics that you find to be challenging. Give more time to such topics to enhance your preparation.

Commitment and Dedication

Many candidates get disappointed and lose their motivation when they fail the first attempt. Don’t worry, we all go through this same stage. Take your time off and then gather all the motivation for preparation.

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