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How to Prepare for the Australian Citizenship Test

How to Prepare for the Australian Citizenship Test

The journey to become an Australian Citizen is now possible through the Australian Citizenship Test. The test holds importance as it evaluates your knowledge concerning Australian values, people, culture, legal bodies, responsibilities and privileges of an Aussie citizen. However, the preparation can be challenging because questions in the exam are randomly selected from the database. In this guide, we will explore different strategies that can help you to prepare for the exam.

Understand the Test Format

Before you start your preparation, you need to make heads or tails of what you anticipate in the actual exam. The test format will give you an idea about time management and what type of MCQ you will encounter in the citizenship test.

The test is computer-based with 20 MCQs. There are 5 important questions concerning Australian values that you have to answer accurately (all of them). The minimum score that you need to pass the exam is 75%. The time duration to solve the exam is 45 minutes.

If you need any assistance with the computer, the staff member in the exam hall can help you with that. Talking to any other candidate is strictly forbidden.

What are the Preparation Sources?

Preparing for the Australian Citizenship Test can be nerve-wracking and challenging. You need to study from reliable and updated resources. Here are the 3 most important sources that you can get help from.

“Our Common Bond” Booklet

The initial step in your preparation strategy is to study the “Our Common Bond” Booklet thoroughly. There are various chapters that you need to memorize. There are almost 50 pages so highlighting the conceptual information and making notes can help you alot. Try to avoid rote memorization as it won't help you to solve the conceptual MCQs in an exam.

Learn all the historical events with important dates. This book is recommended by Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship. You can also find its translation in your native language. This will help you to grasp the underlying concepts. Keep in mind that your test will be in English.

“Our Common Bond” Podcast

A lot of people are auditory learners and they enjoy passive learning. Our Common Bond Podcast has 5 episodes and is a great way to reinforce learning and grasping the important points. However, it is still recommended to read the "Our Common Bond” Booklet before listening to the podcast. You can find its episodes on Google Podcast, Spotify or iTunes.

Australian Citizenship Practice Test

Practice Citizenship Test Australia are mock quiz that covers the same course material and syllabus but in the MCQ form. Taking these tests can polish your skills in evaluating and interpreting the questions within a limited time span. All the MCQs that you will solve in these mock quizzes have the same underlying concepts as the ones you will encounter in an actual exam. Mock tests give you instant feedback answers. It means that you will get the correct answer for every MCQ that you find to be challenging with an explanation.

Join a Study Group

There is no argument that taking time to study, covering every angle of the syllabus and taking practice tests can help you alot in the exam. Group study enhances your preparation and makes students more empowered. Engaging with the course material with your study buddy, learning together, and sharing perspective and insight on various topics increase your creative and analytical thinking.

In group study, some students might get a deeper understanding of particular chapters, some might uncover important themes and concepts while others might discover new tips to memorize particular subjects. Every student brings a different flavour to group study.

Notes and Flashcards

Learning about new cultures and their values can be a bit rough but don’t worry. You can make notes of the topics that you find difficult to learn. Make flashcards and write down every important information.

During the Test

It’s okay to feel anxious and scared during the test. Remember, trust your effort and preparation. You can also use different relaxation techniques to calm yourself down. Since you have ample time, read every question carefully. Try to follow all the rules and regulations and do not lose any motivation during the exam.

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