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What to Expect from the Australian Citizenship Test

What to Expect from the Australian Citizenship Test

If you have achieved the status of resident in Australia and are planning to get Australian nationality, it means that you have already planned to take the Australian Citizenship Test. The test is challenging but not difficult to pass. There are 20 questions. 5MCQs are on Australian values which you have to answer correctly. The minimum passing score is 75%. It also means that you have a margin to skip 5 questions or answer them incorrectly.

What to Expect

First of all, you must never forget the time, location and day of your test, otherwise, you need to retake it. When you reach the exam centre, the citizenship officer will verify all your documents. If you are eligible for the test based on your valid documents, you will get a login ID and password for your computer at the test centre.

What are the Rules of Test

You have 45 minutes to complete the test. The test is streamlined. It means you will only proceed to the next question if you answered the previous one. You can't go back to the initial questions. You are not allowed to bring any reference material or electronic device to the examination hall. If you have any belongings, place them under your table and switch off your mobile phones. If you need any help with the computer, ask the test administrator. Cheating or talking to any other candidate can result in test cancellation.


If you have any disability that is restricting you from reading the questions, you can appeal for assistance during the application process. If it is approved,  an officer can offer assistance during the exam. Keep in mind that he/ she will read you the MCQs and the choices mentioned. You still have to answer the question based on your knowledge.

Be on Time

Arrive at the test centre a few minutes early. This will allow you to go through ID verification. You will also have time to search for your seat. This way you can relax for a few minutes before the test and implement all the relaxation techniques that you know. Remember, the more relaxed you are during the test, the more you can understand the conceptual questions.

Think Before You Answer

If you are well prepared for the exam, it means that you have taken various Practice Citizenship Test Australia. These mock tests simulate the actual exam as the wording and format is almost the same. It is not necessary that you might encounter the same questions in an actual exam but there will be MCQs with the same underlying concepts that you solved in the mock tests. Keep in mind, you have ample time to solve the test. Read every question twice, analyze and interpret the answers.

Test Result

Once you have completed the test, you will get the result on your screen. This is part of your application process and you will receive a document or certificate. After some days, you will be notified via email, about the citizenship ceremony. Attending this ceremony is mandatory for every applicant because this is where you will pledge to become an Australian Citizenship. The ceremony occurs six months after approval and sometimes it might take more time. You can always contact Home Affairs if you have any inquiries related to this.

If the Test is Failed?

If you have failed the test, you can retake it on the same day and same spot or postpone it. Postponing it will give you more time to study and fill the gaps in your preparation. There are no charges associated with retaking the test. Don’t get disheartened by this unfortunate news. You will still be able to retain the residency or permanent visa. Every candidate who showed dedication and commitment in preparation was able to score well in the Australian Citizenship Test.

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